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Eclipse world is totally new to me. I've just installed Tour de Flex plugin in my Eclipse / Flex environment

(Eclipse Platform Version: 3.3.3.r33).

Everything went well. Now if I try to view tour de Flex here's what I do :
- Menu Windows => Other views
- A popup box opens, I choose "Tour de Flex",

Then it asks me : "Please locate the Tour de Flex application on your system".

Where should I look ?

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What the page does not explain is that the AIR version is a prerequisite for the Eclipse plug-in.

  1. Download Adobe AIR if necessary
  2. Install the Tour de Flex application from the home page.
  3. Locate the "Tour de Flex" exe. (e.g. - C:\Program Files\TourDeFlex\TourDeFlex.exe)

That should get it to work.

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Thank you very much that solved my problem ! –  Olivier Pons May 16 '09 at 21:00

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