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When calling the Maven goal

cobertura:clean -DforceMojoExecution=true -X

from within Eclipse on my project, the forceMojoExecution won't be applied.

The debug log contains the following line:

[DEBUG]   (f) forceMojoExecution = false

The same problem occurs on our Jenkins installation.

When calling

dependency:analyze -DfailOnWarning=true -X

on the same project, the parameter failOnWarning is correctly applied.

See here for the Maven Cobertura plugin. I'm using it in version 2.5.1.

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I had to set forceMojoExecution in the plugin configuration section in the pom.xml.


See also forceMojoExecution parameter changed to forceOpenJpaExecution?.

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According to the Cobertura plugin documentation, the value of this configuration is obtained from the expression ${cobertura.force}. So the following should work:

mvn cobertura:clean -Dcobertura.force=true -X
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