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I am desperately looking for a way to control the balance of a sound (left-right) with Pyglet. I am aware of the 3D positioning system, but what I really want is just control the panning (something like -1:left <--> 1:right), and the 3D system is quite counter-productive in that context (or maybe I am missing something).

If not with Pyglet, could you suggest any other python library allowing this? (I've been looking at many, but without success).

It seems like a pretty straightforward tast to ask to a sound engine, but I am not able to figure it out...


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I found that pygame handles that.

The sound engine in pygame is based on sdl_mixer, which allows the use of channels, of which you can control the left and right volume separetely.

It is not pyglet... But... pygame seems to be included in Cocos2D which is built on pyglet...

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