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I added a alertpay button so that members of my site can pay for premium service. While creating the button I had entered 'http://mywebsite.com/success' as return page. Alertpay dev guide has information regarding response format and the list of fields and their value for successful transaction.

For eg:

RETURNCODE Transaction code number. Please refer to Return Code Table for a list of success and error codes. Ex: RETURNCODE= 202

My question is in PHP how do I check what returncode it is returning?

I want to check if the payment is successful so that the user's account is converted to premium once the payment is received.

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Do a var_dump(array('POST'=>$_POST,'GET'=>$_GET)); on your success page to see what alertpay actually submits, and in what way. –  konsolenfreddy Jan 4 '12 at 19:12

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