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This is a simple question: I would like to know, in which language is Google Translator Frontend programmed in? Does anybody have an idea?

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Front-end? This: ? Javascript (AJAX)/HTML/Css (you can look at the source code)

At each keypressed they will send a GET request (callback in JSON) which will contain the language, the char you typed in order to update the UI.

Example: Input (English): Do you like sushi? Output (Spanish): ¿Te gusta el sushi ?

         [[["¿Te gusta el sushi ?","Do you like sushi?","",""]],,"en",,
[["¿Te gusta el",[5],1,0,905,0,4,0],["sushi",[6],1,0,508,4,5,0],
["?",[7],0,0,566,5,6,0]],[["Do you like",5,
        [["¿Te gusta el",905,1,0],["Qué te gusta",0,1,0]],
[[0,11]],"Do you like sushi?"],["sushi",6,
        [["sushi",508,1,0],["el sushi",36,1,0],["de sushi",0,1,0],
["sushi de",0,1,0]],[[12,17]],""],
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Its the Ajax technology what I was looking for, That's answer my question, Thanks! – Samsky Jan 4 '12 at 12:03

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