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When i make the below oracle call from java, I receive an error as "missing IN OUT parameter at 7"

insert into dat_cample_req(request_id, cascade_id, sample_id, cassay_id, "+
                                         "crt_sae, status_id, author, mod_sae, note, DEMCAPID) values "+
                                         "(?,?, "+
                                         "?,?,date2sae(sysdate), "+
                                         "1,?,date2sae(sysdate),'DemCap insert - Project Name:'||?||'Comments:'?,?)
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I guess you don't put all parameter to the PreparedStatement.

Ensure you start with 1 not with 0

insert into foo (bar) values ?

And bind parameter like this:


You have to start with 1, not with 0., java.lang.String)

It would be easier, if you woul include any code at all...

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The were the values passed: preStatement.setInt(1,request_id); preStatement.setString(2,casCade); preStatement.setInt(3,new Integer(SampleId).intValue()); preStatement.setInt(4,cassayId); preStatement.setString(5,Requestor); preStatement.setString(6,CascadeId); preStatement.setString(7,Comments); preStatement.setString(8,DemcapId); – user1111706 Jan 4 '12 at 14:19
Please provide more of your code. I assume your SQL-Query is wrong, because of the string-concatenation with ||. But I have to see the java-context. (And I can count 8 times a ?, so I think you have to set a setString(9,"something"). – Christian Kuetbach Jan 4 '12 at 14:44

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