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I am trying to update data into the column with data type decimal(18, 18).

It is throwing on error

Arithmetic overflow error converting varchar to data type numeric.

My query is

UPDATE tblname SET latitude ='55.27898669242859', longitude = '25.19762644777814' WHERE id = 1

when I remove the quotes(') and run i am getting below error

Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type numeric.

I have used CAST and CONVERT also it is not working .

can anyone guess the reason??

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While defining the table you have made the mistake. Redefine the column as decimal(18,10) means you can store 10 digits after decimal. By defining decimal(18,18), you can store decimal value less than 1 in the table eg. 0.278986692.

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Have you tried this?

UPDATE tblname SET latitude = 55.27898669242859, longitude = 25.19762644777814 WHERE id = 1

(I would really recommend defining your longitude and latitude as real instead of decimal, though.)

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