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In GTK2, a StatusBar was just a simple container like an HBox. Glade 3 (gtk3) now shows this message when I try to add child widgets to my status bar:

Widgets of type Status Bar need placeholders to add children.

What are placeholders?

I prefer to build the UI entirely in Glade, but If that doesn't work anymore, building it in code is fine too. I'm using Python 3.2 and Gtk via GObject introspection.

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In Gnome 3, status bars are no longer containers; they're more like stacks of messages. To display a message, get a fresh context id and push the message onto the stack of messages associated with the statusbar:

context_id = statusbar.get_context_id("progress_message")
statusbar.push(context_id, "Almost done...")


statusbar.push(1, "Almost done...")

And to remove the message again, use statusbar.pop(1). Having things like progress bars or images in the statusbar is therefore no longer possible.

See also: GtkStatusbar at the Gnome Dev Center

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