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Ok, here is exactly what i am trying to do.

  • When i move my mouse over the surface, i collect the CVector2 points into std::vector

  • Those points shall create a Bezier Path for my object to follow it

At this point i have positions stored and i need to

  • Calculate the X,Z on this bezier path later on, so that my object will follow this path.

Now here is what i have:

  • Store all the points as the std::vector
  • And when engine ticks the object i :

// Return position on Bezier at current fTime

CVector3 CBezierPath::Calculate(const float& fTime) { CVector3 vPosition; ... return vPosition; }

Yes, how do i calculate the position in fTime on a Bezier Path made from N number of points?

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Ok found solution,

Knowing that i have x number of waypoints, i generate Bezier curves where number of curves is equal to:

iCurves = iWaypointsCount / 3

Now after i calculate T for current curve i just skip to another curve and restart calculating to from 0 to 1.

   // If we are not finished on this curve
    if(m_fBezierT < 1.0)
        m_vPosition = m_BezierPath.CalculateBezierPoint(m_iCurrentCurve, m_fBezierT);

        m_fBezierT += 0.3f * fDelta;
    // Finished, go next curve
        // No more curves
        if(m_iCurrentCurve+1 >= m_BezierPath.GetCurveCount())
            m_fBezierT = 1.0f;
        // Switch to next Curve
            m_fBezierT = 0.0f;
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