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I am trying to get SVN to ignore the hibernate.cfg.xml so that whenever I merge it to other branches, it should not update hibernate.cfg.xml on that branch .

It's unable to set svn:ignore on the file

svn propedit svn:ignore http://svn.generalsentiment.com/gsui/branches/dev- 
svn: Cannot set 'svn:ignore' on a file   
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That's correct, you set it on the directory:

svn propedit svn:ignore http://svn.generalsentiment.com/gsui/branches/dev-raisin/src

and add hibernate.cfg.xml to the list.

However I'd be wary of assuming that would stop it merging across branches: you might be right, it might ignore the file changes in the merged version, but I think files marked ignore but are checked in anyway get treated as normal. (I avoid that myself!) Once you've done the merge I'd svn revert the hibernate.cfg.xml in your working copy just to be sure.

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