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i apology about my english.

I am trying with EJB 3 technology. I have two ears applications, one of them is a web application and the other one is an application with remote EJBs, using EJB 3.0. I deploy them in the same server, Websphere 7, and they start succesfully. My test is invoking EJBs through @EJB annotation and through "lookup", then, the web application has a Servlet with a reference at EJB through @EJB annotation, and other reference at remote interface, i.e.

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import org.icabanas.pruebaconcepto.dominio.Producto;  
import org.icabanas.pruebaconcepto.facade.ProductoSessionFacade;  

public class ProductoServlet extends HttpServlet {  

    private ProductoSessionFacade productoSessionFacade;  

    private ProductoSessionFacade productoSessionFacadeJndi;      

        protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp)  
            throws ServletException, IOException {  
        Producto producto = getProductoFromRequest(req);  

        catch (Exception e) {  
            System.out.println("Error in INJECTION");  

            productoSessionFacadeJndi = (ProductoSessionFacade) lookupJNDI("org.icabanas.pruebaconcepto.facade.ProductoSessionFacade");  
        catch (Exception e) {  
            System.out.println("Error in JNDI");  

I have the following problem: When i start the applications all works fine, i get the EJB annoted and through jndi lookup, but when i restart or republish the ear containing web application, i get the EJB annonted and it works fine, but when i try to get the EJB through JNDI lookup i get the following error:

"org.icabanas.pruebaconcepto.facade._ProductoSessionFacade_Stub incompatible with org.icabanas.pruebaconcepto.facade.ProductoSessionFacade"

Any idea about what happen?

Thanks in advanced!

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Please include the exception stack trace. It appears that you're missing a call to PortableRemoteObject.narrow, but it's not clear whether you or the server forgot to do it. –  bkail Jan 4 '12 at 14:45

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That is actually a bug in WebSphere 7 that was fixed in I think. I had the same issue with A workaround is to also restart the application that contains the EJB.

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