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I'm working with data set where observations are sequentially obtained. New data points need to be placed on a flot graph, one at a time. This is not a case where (unlike this previous question) I can simply highlight an existing point; I need to add a new point.

I know how to add a new point to the data series with .setData() and then redraw the graph with .draw(); however, when I have thousands of points, this slows things down tremendously, because I then have to redraw the graph completely several times a second.

So - is there any way of simply adding a point to the plot? Or, if I can't use flot for this, does anyone have any suggestions for javascript libraries that would let me create a plot and add points sequentially?

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Flot does not support redrawing individual series. If you update it expects to redraw the whole plot. Both jqPlot and HighCharts (addPoint method) support this. HighCharts is a little more hands off with this, you add a point, it'll redraw/rescale what is needed. Adding a single point can be potentially cause a lot of redrawing if it changes the plot scale (axis renderer, etc...)


Here is a working example. You'll have to cache the jqPlot files in your browser since they do not allow hotlinking.

someData = [[[]]];

someChart = $.jqplot('chart1', someData, {
    axes: {
        xaxis: {max:10,min:0},
        yaxis: {max:10,min:0}

$('#target').click(function() {
  seriesObj = someChart.series[0];
  seriesObj.data.push([Math.random() * 10, Math.random() * 10]);

Re-reading the docs you are correct that Highcharts redraws the whole plot. I thought it was more refined than that.

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Can you give some example code for jqPlot? The way I read the help page you posted, I have to add a series (that contains one point), then redraw only that series. However, I can't get this to work. –  richarddmorey Jan 7 '12 at 15:59
It appears that HighCharts' addPoint method redraws the whole chart. The reason I don't want to use flot is because it redraws the chart, so addPoint isn't helpful. –  richarddmorey Jan 7 '12 at 18:54
@user1129889, see edits... –  Mark Jan 7 '12 at 21:23
In your new example code, you add a point to a series, then redraw the entire series. I just want to add a point to the plot, without drawing anything except that point. I'd think that someChart.series.push({data: x}), then someChart.drawSeries() on the new series index, would work, but it doesn't. I'm stuck using HTML canvas now. –  richarddmorey Jan 8 '12 at 11:40
Thank you so much, @Mark! BTW, the jsfiddle is not working anymore. –  Ionică Bizău Apr 15 '14 at 14:40

The best I've found to do this is by accessing the canvas itself and drawing to it directly, like this:

// Get the axis, so that we can figure out what canvas coordinates
// correspond to our plot coordinates
xAxis = plot.getXAxes()[0];
yAxis = plot.getYAxes()[0];
// determine how much space flot left on the edges of the graphs
offset = plot.getPlotOffset();

// get the context, so that we can draw on the canvas           
ctx = plot.getCanvas().getContext("2d");
// Convert our coordinates to canvas coordinates
x1 = xAxis.p2c(plotX) + offset.left;
y1 = yAxis.p2c(plotY) + offset.top;

// draw a translucent, red rectangle        
ctx.fillStyle = "rgba(200,0,0,.1)";  
ctx.fillRect (x1, y1, 5, 5);  

Of course, this will not allow you any access to the points as part of a series, but if you need to simply add lots of points to a plot without redrawing the entire plot, this is one way to do it.

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