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Suppose I have value of 01010101 and it's canonical sequence of octets:

0x30 0x31 0x30 0x31 0x30 0x31 0x30 0x31

Now i need to concatenate with namespace identifier value which is hexa-representation.

Then I need to find the value like

sha1 (0x03 0xfb 0xac 0xfc 0x73 0x8a 0xef 0x46 0x91 0xb1 0xe5 0xeb 0xee 0xab 0xa4 0xfe 0x30 0x31 0x30 0x31 0x30 0x31 0x30 0x31) = 
0xA8 0x82 0x16 0x4B 0x68 0xF9 0x01 0xE7 0x03 0xFC 0x7C 0x67 0x41 0xDC 0x66 0x97 0xB8 0xA1 0xA9 0x3E

After that how to .. 4b1682a8-f968-5701-83fc-7c6741dc6697

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Hello everyone my problem is solved when i follow rfc4122 link


There need some modification also in code.If anyone have same problem just ask me..


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