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Im trying to convert the a day to a link if there are any content so the format will be.


so i will be able to retrieve the information that is relevant.

in my model in have the template and the other options,




can someone please tell me how can i get the dates as year/month/day to the so i can retrieve the values.

<div class="content"><a href="year/month/{day}">View</a></div>
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You're setting the month and year in your view method, so you could just pass those to the view through the $data array:

// Diary Controller
$data['calendar'] = $this->diary_model->generate($year, $month);
$data['year'] = $year; // ADD THIS
$data['month'] = $month; // ADD THIS


$this->load->view('includes/template', $data);

then, in your model you can set it like this:

// Diary Model
$this->conf['template'] = '...
  <div class="day_num">{day}</div>
  <div class="content"><a href="'.$year.'/'.$month.'/{day}">View</a></div>
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