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I am using Selenium Grid to start an InternetExplorerDriver-Instance remotely. Therefore I use the following code:

DesiredCapabilities capability = (DesiredCapabilities) DesiredCapabilities.internetExplorer();
RemoteWebDriver driver = new RemoteWebDriver(new URL(getHubUrl()), capability);

At the second line of code there is a WebDriverException saying "Error communicating with the remote browser. It may have died." The remote machine is a Windows 7 system. I can't understand why this won't work?! I am thankful for every help. Thanks.

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Have you tried killing the currently running hub and then restarting it again? –  Zack Macomber Jan 4 '12 at 13:31
Is this question a duplicate of the following question? - stackoverflow.com/questions/23023399/… –  Nick Grealy Aug 26 '14 at 4:23

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We have the same error on Windows 7 too but it works on Ubuntu.

What version of Selenium do you use, 2.20.0? Have you already tried to upgrade onto 2.21.0?

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Also, are you setting up the path to the InternetExplorerDriver? See this question here on SO - it helped me a lot launching the Google Chrome

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All browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome as well) crash. –  banterCZ Apr 19 '12 at 13:47


I had the same problem running InternetExplorerDriver locally in Windows 7 - (IEDriverServer_Win32_2.42.0.zip)

org.openqa.selenium.remote.UnreachableBrowserException: Error communicating with the remote browser. It may have died.

When I checked the running processes under TaskManager, there were multiple IEDriverServer.exe processes running, that hadn't been cleaned up properly.


Running the following command, killed all running IEDriverServer.exe processes, and resolved this issue (for me).

taskkill /F /IM IEDriverServer.exe
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