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For my project I have a requirement where I have to implemented a complex grid structure. The grid will have some rows with value/sub-value hierarchy which have to be shown like tree structure. I did a POC with SlickGrid but found the grid to be not so comprehensive as commercial alternatives like DHTMLX, EJS Treegrid or ExtJS Treegrid (as I assessed from online documentation and samples).

So, I wanted to know if anybody has worked with DHTMLX, EJS Treegrid or EXTJS Treegrid and could guide me how do they stand considering code maintainability, features, events exposed etc...

Any help will be great.

Thanks Saarthak

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I'm currently using EJS Treegrid. It has a rich feature set (you can essentially emulate Microsoft Excel), and has a JSON/XML API which exposes all the events we've needed. My only gripes with it is its oddly organized documentation, and lack of a visible user/developer community.

This discussion about JQuery grids might be helpful.


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