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I have a route defined as follows :

  pattern: /{name}.{_format}
  defaults: { _controller: AcmeMyBundle:Default:index, _format: html }
    _format: html

The problem is that when using the following code in a template (view) :

<a href="{{ path('my_route', {'name': 'my-name'}) }}">my link</a>

The generated URL is :


But I want it to be :


without having to specify it in my template...

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help, Regards

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This is by design. Since you defined the default format to be html, there's no need for the router to generate a link with a .html extension.

If you really want the extension to be displayed, you should remove it from the defaults list. The downside is that you must always specify the format for this route.

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Thanks for your answer. The fact is that I need to force the "html" extension to be here for SEO reason. So, is there another way to change the router behavior ? –  user1018527 Jan 5 '12 at 8:57
@user1018527 Well, there's no easy solution as the _format value is not in any way special. You would have to fork the Routing component and make the changes yourself, which is not that trivial. Here's the relevant function. In my opinion it would be easier to remove the _format parameter from the defaults list. –  gilden Jan 5 '12 at 12:00

Can you not have:

  pattern: /{name}.html
  defaults: { _controller: AcmeMyBundle:Default:index}


<a href="{{ path('my_route', {'name': 'my-name'}) }}">my link</a>

will give you url: /my-name.html

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Is this going to help (tested and it works for me)?

<a href="{{ path('my_route', {'name': 'my-name'}) }}.html">my link</a>
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