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I am looking for the source and download of the Control Visualizer which is developed by Brett Johnson, but i am unable to find any links related for downloading the Visualizer and also unable to find any source code for the same.

I am using VS 2005, are there any links for or any other material related to this control visualizer which will help us a lot

Looking for favorable replies.

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I believe this is the visualizer you are refering to, however all the links on the page appear to be broken.

I have done a further bit of digging and managed to find a working link via the wayback machine on the internet archive. You can download the code from this page:


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Thank you very much friend, for this, i also have spent months digging at the internet to find the source code or the control visualizer itself, but i am unable to get my hands on it. Thank You very much for your time and the link to the control. Now i will try to understand the logic and the working of the control. Thanks –  Gunwant Saini Jul 19 '09 at 7:13

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