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I really need some help here.

I do exactly the same as in all the examples, but don't get any notification.

Here's my code:

 #import <AddressBook/ABAddressBook.h>
 #import <AddressBook/AddressBook.h>

Registering for notification:

ABAddressBookRef book = ABAddressBookCreate();
ABAddressBookRegisterExternalChangeCallback(book, addressBookChanged, self);

Definition of the callback:

void addressBookChanged(ABAddressBookRef reference, 
                        CFDictionaryRef dictionary, 
                        void *context) 

   ViewController *viewController = (ViewController*)context;
   [viewController addressBookChanged];    

And another method:

-(void) addressBookChanged
   NSLog(@"%@", @"addressBookChanged");
  • I'm running the app
  • Switching to the contacts app
  • Adding a new contact
  • nothing happens... no log, nothing...

What am I doing wrong here?

  • Any ' #import ' missing?
  • Should it work on device/simulator?
  • Any specific way of declaring the callback? Static maybe?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Ok, I know the answer now...

The callback is being invoked, but only when I resume back my application.

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Did you get any information about newly added or edited contact in Addressbook? –  BaSha Aug 22 at 6:21
@BaSha - yes, I did. –  Gal Aug 27 at 14:49
I mean, the notification is general, not containing any info about the changed AB entry. –  Gal Aug 27 at 14:51

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