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I face a problem using Grails 2 submitToRemote tag.

The following code is what I use in the controller:

def getProposal = {
    def layouts = importService.getLayoutsFor(params.product as int)
    render(contentType: "text/xml") {
        for (layout in layouts) {

and in the GSP:

<g:submitToRemote action="getProposal" update="layouts"
    onLoading="showProgress();" onComplete="hideProgress();"
    value="Do It" />
<select id="layouts" name="layout" required="">

Using jquery this results in:

showProgress();;jQuery.ajax({type:'POST',data:jQuery(this).parents('form:first').serialize(), url:'/app/controller/getProposal',success:function(data,textStatus){jQuery('#layouts').html(data);},error:function(XMLHttpRequest,textStatus,errorThrown){},complete:function(XMLHttpRequest,textStatus){hideProgress();}});return false

which not works and returns am error:

Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in the hierarchy

But if I use another render method like:

render(status: 0, text: "<option value='1'>Layout 1</option>")

it works.

In both cases the expected answer is transmitted back.

I did not understand why it will not work with the first nicer method. Could anyone explain what I do wrong?



I noted that if I use render(contentType: "text/text") instead it will work. May be it has something to do, that the xml is not properly formatted (no root node?). But why does it work in Grails 1.3.7?

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Grails 1.3.7 had a different default javascript provider (prototype). The jquery ajax call trys to infer the type of the response based on what it receives

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