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I have been playing with PHP & mySQL for a while now, as I stumbled on a problem anyone will eventually get: Scaling.

After some research I found about mongoDB, which seems a pretty good option for an easily scalable database. Now, I have read the manual on their official webste, but as a total newbie on mongo, I can easily follow the instruction to create a single node server, but would like to know better how to build mongo clusters,

do you know any documents regarding installation & configuration on a multiple nodes environment, such as EC2?

Thanks in advance.

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Scalability usually is the result of a good design rather than the choice of technology. – Aliostad Jan 4 '12 at 15:23
I know mysql has been out there for so long but "new" does not necessarily means "worse"... it might be worth a try! – user1130217 Jan 4 '12 at 15:27
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When running on EC2 10gen recommends using a raid 10 setup for storage and having enough memory on your instances to contain your working set of data. I will provide some links on good places to start gathering information.

To scale reads you need to create replica sets:

Then, when you need to scale writes, learn about sharding:

However, be aware that there are performance limits related to the maximum throughput of ebs on ec2.

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