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I'm currently using Graph, however it lacks a method to create a subgraph of the original graph induced by given list of vertices.

I've written a stub which does it using Graph's accessors, but

Here's my code:

# subgraph ($graph, @node_list); 
# return subgraph (with the same setup) 
# induced by node list
sub subgraph {
    my $self = shift;
    my $new = $self->new;
    my @edges;
    foreach my $v(@_) {
        $self->has_vertex($v) or next;
        foreach my $u(@_) {
            $self->has_edge($u, $v) and push @edges, $u, $v;
    return $new;


So, is there some other module (probably XS), or should I patch Graph, or everyone writes a graph class themselves and I should do it, too?

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So I've posted the code from the question to github (with some 10 unit-tests).


I would appreciate critique, bug reports and more test cases. Hope it gets into main module some day.

UPDATE: Now available via CPAN: Graph::Subgraph. Yet the above paragraph still holds.

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If you have a list of all the vertices and the list of vertices you want, then compute the set difference between the two and use


I've used somethiing like this previously to prune down a large graph.

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Hm, this must be a better solution when $graph->edges << $subgraph->nodes ** 2. However, I would still prefer to copy the original graph and not spoil it. – Dallaylaen Jan 5 '12 at 17:21

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