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I have 2 lists that I am trying to compare, sadly they are not of the save class. One is from the magento api and the other is a custom class containing some values from the other. (only the ones that I need)

if (existingPhotoOrders.Where(x => x.OrderNumber.CompareTo(order.increment_id) == 0).ToList().Count > 0)

There is a problem with the API where I have to get all the orders and compare the ones that I want and then request individually extra information but the above query is not working it is just continueing with everything.

I have looked at other comparisons but they all require the classes to be the same. If anyone could shed some light I would be grateful.

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You are asking about a loop. So include that loop. – Henk Holterman Jan 4 '12 at 15:34
Of what type is OrderNumber and increment_id? If they are different, this could cause the CompareTo not return as excpected. – Matthias Jan 4 '12 at 15:35
Thank you for your replies. @HenkHolterman - I don't think that the loop was relevant, apolagies. Matthias the OrderNumber and increment_id are the same value both strings. – Compunutter Jan 5 '12 at 9:59

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It can be re-written like so using the Any method:

if (existingPhotoOrders.Any(x => x.OrderNumber.CompareTo(order.increment_id) == 0))

As to why it is always continuing, the expression must always be true! I presume the requirement is if the order increment id is not an order number of an existing order then continue, in which case, you can use the All method:

if (existingPhotoOrders.All(x => x.OrderNumber.CompareTo(order.increment_id) != 0))

Or as a more performant alternative:

var orderIds = new HashSet<int>(existingPhotoOrders.Select(epo => epo.OrderNumber));
foreach (var order in orders)
  if (!orderIds.Contains(order.increment_id))
  // rest of method here
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Rich, thank you for your help, I am very grateful. You have solved my problem! I chose to use your second example straight out with no issues. – Compunutter Jan 5 '12 at 10:01

The type of x and the type of order are not important, however the types of OrderNumber and increment_id. Of what types are they?

If one is string and the other int then you should convert the int to string:

.Where(x => x.OrderNumber == order.increment_id.ToString()) 
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