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I am having difficulty performing a find and replace of attribute values.

Consider this html:

<tr id="rules[0]">
        <input id="rules0.isActive1" name="rules[0].isActive" type="checkbox" value="true"/><input type="hidden" name="_rules[0].isActive" value="on"/>
        <select id="" name="rules[0]">

I am looking to update each 's name attribute with the appropriate count e.g. rules[0].isActive is updated to rules[10].isActive

I am using this JQuery snippet:

    // Update the 'rules[0]' part of the name attribute to contain the latest count'rules\[0\]','rules\[$count\]');

where newRow is a variable holding the entire block and count holds the latest counter value. However, when I debug this code it seems that "" is undefined.

Where am I going wrong here?


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Why do you serach for id and not for name? – jantimon Jan 4 '12 at 15:37
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To update attribute of element you should use the .attr function. Also, when using this in jQuery context you must use $(this) syntax. If I understand your intentions so it should be something like that:

    // Update the 'rules[0]' part of the name attribute to contain the latest count 
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You should use $(this).attr('name') instead of

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Try this:

$(this).attr('name', $(this).attr('name').replace('rules\[0\]','rules\[$count\]'));
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try this: Assume row attribute name is 'filterCol' then you can set the new value to that attribute

$("#trId").attr("filterCol", newValue);
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