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To generate a database change log for a table alteration, I use Liquibase. But liquibase change logs doesn't carry specific positions of column name.

The following change set was generated through liquibase

<changeSet author="Nevil" id="234324324324">
    <addColumn tableName="request">
        <column name="revenue" type="DECIMAL(10,2)">
            <constraints nullable="false"/>

Suppose if I want column revenue to go after column id in request table, liquibase doesn't take a note of the AFTER clause in alter table commend. In effect I cannot do it with liquibase. Any solution friends ?

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I was told that one cannot rely on column order when processing the following query:

SELECT * FROM my_table;

One should always specify the columns required:

SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM my_table;

Following this advice makes the column order within the table a cosmetic concern.

I'm completely open to correction, but I don't think all databases support adding columns mid-table.

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