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I am looking for a JPQL or Criteria expression to find a subset of integers(codes) in my collection which are not in the table.

Native Query for Oracle DB would be:

SELECT column_value
FROM Table(:listOfCodes)
FROM table1;

This is similar to the post here but not exactly what i want jpa 2.0 criteria api expression for sql minus

Any pointers/help would be much appreciated.

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You could just query for the values that are in the table and in your set, and then take the complement of what the query returns:

List<Integer> valuesInTheTable = 
    (List<Integer>) em.createQuery("select a.column from Entity a where a in (:values)")
                      .setParameter("values", values)

Set<Integer> valuesNotInTheTable = new HashSet<Integer>(values);
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Yeah. Could do this. Thanks –  JProgrammer Jan 5 '12 at 10:08

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