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I want to use a list to save two arrays of the same length. One array (folders) contains names of folders and the other (files) contains arrays of filenames, which might be of different length.

mvExp = list(
    folders     = NULL,
    files       = NULL

mvExp$folders[1] = "../data_america/"
mvExp$files[1]  = c("file1.dat")

mvExp$folders[2] = "../data_europe"
mvExp$files[2]  = c("file1.dat", "file2.dat", "file3.dat")

When I try to add the array of filenames to the second field of the array "files", I recieve a warning, which says, that the number of elements I want to add is too long. "file2.dat", "file3.dat" are not saved to mvExp$files[2].

How can I save arrays of different length into a list?

I also tried to use a ´data.frame´ (since my two arrays have the same length), but I was not able to add elements to the data.frame.

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Whereas mvExp$folders can be a simple character vector (containing one string for each folder), mvExp$files needs to be a list, so that some of its elements can themselves contain several elements (i.e. the files in a directory).

To make it work, your code needs two changes:

  • file needs to be 'initialized' as a list.

  • To assign new elements to the list, use the "[[<-" operator rather than the "[<-" operator.


mvExp = list(
    folders     = character(),
    files       = list()

mvExp$folders[1] <- "../data_america/"
mvExp$files[[1]] <- c("file1.dat")

mvExp$folders[2] <- "../data_europe"
mvExp$files[[2]] <- c("file1.dat", "file2.dat", "file3.dat")
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Good answer but could you pls replace "=" with "<-" per R standards? – Carl Witthoft Jan 4 '12 at 20:31
@CarlWitthoft -- Done. Thanks for the suggestion. – Josh O'Brien Jan 4 '12 at 20:42

You can store everything in a single list.

myExp <- list(
  `../data_america` = "file.dat",
  `../data_europe`  = c("file1.dat", "file2.dat", "file3.dat")

Retrive the folder names like this


and the files for a given folder with, e.g.,

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