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I'm trying to use simplehtmldom to parse a web page with many li tags.

I'd like to only extract the innertext for the specific tag <li class='ev_td_li c5'> that occurs in the following snippet:

<li class='ev_td_li c5'>10:00  
    <a class="ev_link_row c3" href="/fr/quoi-faire-a-sutton/programme-activites-sutton/calendrier-hebdomadaire/icalrepeat.detail/2012/01/01/13918/-/NTNkZDVjNzNiNzE1YTBmM2VhZjMyZjljNmU0ODFiNjQ=.html"
        title="Marche du 2012">Marche du 2012</a>::  
    <a class="ev_link_cat c4" href="/fr/quoi-faire-a-sutton/programme-activites-sutton/calendrier-hebdomadaire/week.listevents/2012/01/02/122.html"
        title="Outdoor, Sporting Events ">Outdoor, Sporting Events</a>

If I use the following code I get all the 'li' tags:

foreach($html->find('li') as $e){
 echo $e->innertext . '<br>';

But if I try to add the class as in the following I don't get any output:

foreach($html->find('li.ev_td_li c5') as $e){
    echo $e->innertext . '<br>';

I'm wondering if the space char in 'li.ev_td_li c5' is the problem.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Elliot

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Try li.ev_td_li.c5 (note the . in front of the c5) instead. If you have 'li.ev_td_li c5 (note the space), it's interpreted as "a <li> tag of class ev_td_li, followed by a <c5> tag".

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I tried foreach($html->find('li.ev_td_li.c5') as $e) and am still getting not getting any output :-( – Elliot Jan 5 '12 at 3:13
simplehtml may not support multiple selectors on a single tag. You might have to upgrade to using the full DOM setup instead. – Marc B Jan 5 '12 at 19:48
Just tried: foreach($html->find('li.ev_td_li') as $e) and it's giving an acceptable output. I didn't see any references to this at [] . Is there any other documentation that describes this kind of behaviour? – Elliot Jan 6 '12 at 1:27

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