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This is my folder structure:

+-- express_example
|---- app.js
|---- models
|-------- songs.js
|-------- albums.js
|---- and another files of expressjs

My code in file songs.js

var mongoose = require('mongoose')
, Schema = mongoose.Schema
, ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId;

var SongSchema = new Schema({
name: {type: String, default: 'songname'}
, link: {type: String, default: './data/train.mp3'}
, date: {type: Date, default:}
, position: {type: Number, default: 0}
, weekOnChart: {type: Number, default: 0}
, listend: {type: Number, default: 0}

module.exports = mongoose.model('Song', SongSchema);

And here is my code in file albums.js

var mongoose = require('mongoose')
, Schema = mongoose.Schema
, ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId;

var AlbumSchema = new Schema({
name: {type: String, default: 'songname'}
, thumbnail: {type:String, default: './images/U1.jpg'}
, date: {type: Date, default:}
, songs: [SongSchema]

module.exports = mongoose.model('Album', AlbumSchema);

How can I make albums.js know SongSchema to be defined AlbumSchema

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You can get models defined elsewhere directly with Mongoose:


To get the schema in your example in albums.js you can do this:

var SongSchema = require('mongoose').model('Song').schema
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If with my database structure like that, then 1 album i can store many song, is that right? <br/> And why in app.js do: <br/> var Album = db.model('Album'); var album = new Album(); album.songs.push({_id:'4f046b3bf71f5ed522000002'}); <br/> and I get error Cannot call method 'call' of undefined <br/> how do i store to right? – Huy Tran Jan 4 '12 at 17:20
I was getting the exact same thing. Ended up fixing it by using var SongSchema = require('mongoose').model('Song').schema instead (i.e. I added .schema to grab the schema of the model specifically). – jangosteve Jul 17 '12 at 4:38

To get the schema from a registered Mongoose model, you need to access the schema specifically:

var SongSchema = require('mongoose').model('Song').schema;
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var SongSchema = require('mongoose').model('Song').schema;

The above line of code in your albums.js will surely work.

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@Prasad Jadhav : Thanks for improvements – Amol M Kulkarni Jan 8 '13 at 5:56
that won't work, as it doesn't return the schema but the model. – Nicholas Valbusa Aug 18 '15 at 15:11

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