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my Tables




PriceID HotelID
Price(decimal) StartDate


HotelID DiscountID DiscountType DiscountRate

The relationship Hotel and price 1 x n The relationship Hotel and discount 1 x n

but price can be Null and Discount can be null

var result = data.Hotels.GroupJoin(data.Prices, h => h.OtelID, p => p.OtelID, (h, p) => new { hotel = o, f = f.Where(x => x.StartDate<= ).OrderBy(x => x.Price) })
                    .SelectMany(temp0 => temp0.f.DefaultIfEmpty(), (temp0, x) => new 
                        _hotel = temp0.hotel,
                        _Price = x,
                        _discount = ??

how to write query? Single Hotel , Single ceaps price or NULL , Single Discount or Null

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var result = from h in data.Hotels
where true //where condition if any
select new 
_hotel = h,
_price = h.Prices.Where(p=>p).FirstOrDefault()//condition
_discount = h.Discounts.Where(true).FirstOrDefault() //condition
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