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I haven't been able to find this out, but is there a recommended JavaScript library/plugin out there that allows for the user edit the data in a table, much like any sort of input? Or should I just create a table with text inputs in the table's <td /> tags?

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If I could select more than one answer to be the accepted answer, I would! – Zach Dziura Jan 4 '12 at 17:17
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Use the fabulous Datatables jquery plugin in combination with its editable addon - See demo here:

Datatables - The addon that adds editability to it -

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Would this feature be what you are looking for?

Or if you want the client to be able to edit a table, this plugin might be more useful:

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If you're interested in a solution without plugins, simply target the cells,

If you know the ID of the table:

  .getElementsByTagName("tr")[Row Number]
  .getElementsByTagName("td")[Cell Number];

Otherwise you'll need to choose the table from the index

document.getElementsByTagName("table")[Table Number]
  .getElementsByTagName("tr")[Row Number]
  .getElementsByTagName("td")[Cell Number];

For instance if there was a table with 2 rows and 2 columns and I wanted them all to have a number I would simply do:

var tableElm = document.getElementById("**tableID**") //table element
  .getElementsByTagName("tr")[0]  //row element
  .getElementsByTagName("td");  //individual cells

the table and row selection is now cached in tableElm
tableElm[0].innerHTML = "1";
tableElm[1].innerHTML = "2";
tableElm[2].innerHTML = "3";
tableElm[3].innerHTML = "4";

you don't even need the ".getElementsByTagName("tr")[0]" unless you have a reason to query the rows themselves. If you get rid of it, CELL NUMBER will include every cell of the table regardless of row.

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