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I have a very small part of a Django site that keeps the state of a moderated chat session between two users. Basically, the first user speaks for 3 minutes (and no one else can), then the second user speaks, then a 30 second pause, and the process is repeated one more time. I'm currently using the database and a "RoomState" model to manage the current state of the room (who can speak, etc). State transitions are affected by the client sending a "ping" AJAX POST message every 10 seconds to one of my views, which checks if it's time to change state.

This works, but definitely feels hacky. I was wondering if there was something more lightweight than django-celery + rabbitmq to manage short lived background tasks on a timer. I realize that the nature of the web/Django is stateless, but I just wanted to see if anyone had a simple suggestion to manage the state transitions in a more reliable way.

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If rabbitmq is too heavyweight, consider using the Redis backend instead. –  Brian Neal Jan 5 '12 at 0:13

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I know only one alternative to Celery that is more lightweight: Queue in django-utils.

Another way is to use the subprocess module directly but you'll probably have to solve some problems that are already solved in Celery and django-utils.

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You might want to use github.com/coleifer/huey instead i'm no longer maintaining django-utils –  coleifer Jul 13 '12 at 18:38

Author of django-utils here, I'd suggest trying out my newer project Huey -- has richer feature set, better docs, more stable and works with any python framework (including django). Docs.

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