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I want to get some info out of my string but there's two possible "expressions" for the string. I want to get "a" & "b" out of the string. This is how they look:

Format one:


Format two:


How can I do this?

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If the strings always looks like this, you could do the following: Search for the #-char to decide, if you have type 1 or 2. In case of type 1, split with delimiter '/' and always take the last and the one before. For type 2, also first split with '/' and then, split the last part again with delimiter '|' and take results[2] and results[3].

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Exactly, the simplest soultion. You can also use regex, but that would be more complex. –  Malcolm Jan 4 '12 at 17:38
how do I check which one it is so I can determine that information –  arberb Jan 4 '12 at 17:38
You can for example use contains("#!default") if you can ensure, that this charsequence is only available in type 2 - but be careful, if a and/or b are user-provided input. Another possibility would be to count the number of / in the strings (e.g. doing the split with '/' first, then decide the type on the length of the resulting array. But again, be careful with user provided input. –  fkerber Jan 4 '12 at 17:42

Use a regex to split the string.

  1. Split on "default"
  2. Regex Split
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There are many ways you can do this - regular expressions is the most common.

In pseudo code:

if the string contains "/#!default" then:
  Use the regular expression ^.*/([^/])/([^/])$
if the string contains "/default" then:
  Use the regular expression ^.*|([^|])|([^|])|1$
Take the 1st and 2nd blocks from the matcher
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