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I am building my application using s#arp lite framework. One of my tables is called User. But User is a SQL Server 2008 keyword, so it gives me problems.

I tried to modify the code to support tables using SQL Server keywords, butcouldn't get it to work.

Here's the code.

Line 32: I changed it to following code

classCustomizer.Table("[" + Inflector.Net.Inflector.Singularize(type.Name.ToString()) + "]");
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I have already answered this on the mailing list, posting answer here for others to find easily (and the points :)

add: db.KeywordsAutoImport = Hbm2DDLKeyWords.AutoQuote;

Should do the trick

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thanks you so much. this is what I am looking for. – qinking126 Jan 5 '12 at 1:57

This seems vaguely familiar to me. No promises but you can try to use quotes around User, like select * from "User" or supply the schema owner ase well, like select * from Mydb.User.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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thanks for your help, tried using quotes around User, not working. – qinking126 Jan 4 '12 at 18:13

You can also do this manually by utilizing NHibernate's non-DB specific escape character: the backtick `

In SQL Server you may do "[User]" but in Oracle it will be different. If you use "`User`" NHibernate will adapt this to the database you are currently working with.

This can be seen on this question: Fluent NHibernate Column Mapping with Reserved Word

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