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Im working with office 2010. Under word, i can create a source XML file that contains all the books to insert into the bibliography. The thing is that i have to enter each book manually in word. I was thinking of creating a database that contains all these informations. From there i can handle.

I have noticed that the XML document contain a line with a GUID that looks like this;


It is word that placed this entry into the file and they are unique to each entry. Now if i want to create that xml file with a database how do i know what should be the value of the GUID. For that i need to understand whats the GUID and how is it created.

How do i know what is the value of the GUID or can it just be anything? im planning on using MySQL or Access to create this Database.

------ UPDATE ------

By using Access i can make a GUID with this function =GUIDFromString(string)

Where sting could be anything. how could i pass a field named title as a string value to this field?

Anyone have tips on that


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A GUID is a 128bit identifier and normally fully random. Depending on the language you are using there are several functions to generate a GUID.

See also Wikipedia for more details.

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