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New to Ruby/Rails, so bear with me.

I have a ActiveRecord model class Status. I'm rendering it as json to be used in a mobile web application. It consists of an id, name, code, and back_color (in decimal color). I needed to do a color conversion from BGR decimal to RGB hex, so I decided to employ the color gem. Ultimately, though, I think the problem fundamental to my method definition.

When I request a single record (/statuses/1.json), everything works as expected. When I ask for the index (/statuses.json), I get a Internal Server Error (500). The most detail I've been able to get from that is an ArgumentError (ArgumentError)

I defined the method to do the conversion like so:

def color_hex
 bgr = Color::RGB.from_html(back_color.to_s(16)) #converts dec to hex, then creates new color object from it
 rgb =,, #swaps red & blue into new color object
 rgb.html #outputs rgb hex for use in html

I also included a custom as_json in the model, adding the color_hex method:

def as_json(options={})
  super(:methods => :color_hex)

From my controller, I use the standard format.json { render :json => @statuses }.

As I said, I thought it was a fundamental problem, so I simplified the method as a proof of concept: could I at least manipulate the back_color at all?

def color_hex
 back_color * -1

...and it works for both the show and index actions. As soon as I introduce the color gem in any capacity, it doesn't work. Again, I'd attribute that to how I'm using the gem, rather than a problem with the gem itself.

What core principle have I neglected to follow?

TL,DR: I'm rendering as json, and my custom method is working for the show action, but not the index action.

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Is there more detail in your log/development.log file ? Could it be that one of the statuses in your database has bad data (such that it is no longer valid input for Color::RGB.from_html) – Frederick Cheung Jan 4 '12 at 20:13
@FrederickCheung I'm a but unsure of the etiquette here... I'd like to mark this as answered, but I don't want to take your "rep" away. Can you post your comment as an answer? – Tim Jan 4 '12 at 21:30
Sure, have posted it. – Frederick Cheung Jan 4 '12 at 22:03
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Could it be that one of the statuses in your database has bad data (such that it is no longer valid input for Color::RGB.from_html) ? This would cause the action that loads the entire collection to raise an error but wouldn't cause an issue on most individual ones.

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facepalm - it seems so obvious now that you've said it. In fact, it does appear to be a data issue. Trying to load a single instance of the 7th record causes the same problem! I believe additional checks on the data (prior to Color::RGB.from_html) will be the resolution here. Thanks @FrederickCheung! – Tim Jan 4 '12 at 22:43

You just have to rename the as_json method into to_json

def to_json(options={})
  super(:methods => :color_hex)
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Although I've been reading that I should avoid to_json in favor of as_json, I gave it a shot. The behavior is the same. It works for the single (show) action, but not the all (index) action. – Tim Jan 4 '12 at 19:20

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