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I recently upgraded a 1.3.6 application to Grails2. My test cases have started failing

Here is the scenario, I have a command object and a constraint. When the request hits the action, without the parameter name (localhost:8080/app-name/Book/test?i=0) I am getting a validation error. Grails doc says Command Object fields are nullable by default. Looks like it is not, from this test. My question is how do I make them nullable true globally for all command objects? Code below,

class BookController {

    def test = {TestCommand cmd ->
        if (cmd.hasErrors()) {
            println "has Errors"
            render 'Error'
        } else {
            println "Success"
            render 'Hello World'

Command Object is :

class TestCommand {
       int i;
       String name

       static constraints = {
         name(password: true)
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It turned out to be a Grails bug. Grails 2.0 has changed behaviour about default nullable value for Command Objects. Here is the JIRA

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