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I would like to know,

if there is any way possible to use http:// scheme instead of ws:// or wss:// schemes for Websockets in HTML5, if not then why not?

What are the various ways to declare Websockets in HTML5 and using custom protocols?

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Could you elaborate please? Using WebSockets means using the WebSocket protocol; there is no way to circumvent that. –  pimvdb Jan 4 '12 at 20:27
Hey pimvdb thanks for the responce I said custom protocol because this website talks about using custom protocols and also using http instead of ws and wss but i have also read that ws and wss are the only once alowed have a look at this url developer.mozilla.org/en/WebSockets/… from Mozilla's developer reference –  peplamb Jan 4 '12 at 21:38

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Yes. But the server is supposed to respond with Connection: upgrade and then switch to the WebSocket protocol. Unless you're proxying the request. It'll use HTTP CONNECT to maintain a tunnel, but the idea is that WebSocket traffic uses the WebSocket protocol. (reference)

That page from MDN is draft and shouldn't be used as reference. It's rather incomplete.

Have a look at socket.io if you're thinking about doing a WebSocket client/server. It's a rather well built implementation with fallback.

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