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Using information from this thread I've attempted to setup and dynamically populate a datagridviewcomboboxolumn with options. My debugger shows no errors, but the combobox does not render.

//setup combobox
List<combo_automation_option> combo = new List<combo_automation_option>();
combo.Add(new combo_automation_option { id = "0", value = "None" });
combo.Add(new combo_automation_option { id = "*.0.5", value = "Once every 5 minutes" });

dgv_col_automation.HeaderText = "Automation";
dgv_col_automation.Name = "dgv_jobs_col_automation";
dgv_col_automation.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Flat;
dgv_col_automation.DataSource = combo;
dgv_col_automation.ValueMember = "id";
dgv_col_automation.DataPropertyName = "value";


It rendered fine when I used the settings below to setup my combo box:

//setup combobox                        
dt_col_automation.HeaderText = "Automation";
dt_col_automation.Name = "dgv_jobs_col_automation";
        "Once every 5 minutes",
        "Once every 10 minutes",
        "Once every 15 minutes",
        "Once every 30 minutes",
        "Once every hour",
        "Once every 2 hours",
        "Once every 3 hours",
        "Once every 4 hours",
        "Once every 5 hours",
        "Once every 6 hours",
        "Once every 7 hours",
        "Once every 8 hours",
        "Once every 9 hours",
        "Once every 10 hours",
        "Once every 11 hours",
        "Once every 12 hours",

I've a public struct that looks like this:

public struct combo_automation_option { 
   public string id;
   public string value;

Any advice?

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1 Answer

Data binding doesn't work on class/struct fields even if thery're public.

You should use properties instead e.g.:

public struct combo_automation_option { 
   public string id {get; set;}
   public string value {get; set;}

Furthermore, if you want to show something else (e.g. the value) instead of the id in the combobox, set also the DisplayMember property.

BTW, other few suggestions:

  • structs should be used only if really necessary; use classes instead
  • you're not following the usual c# naming convenction that is: always camel casing (no underscore) and only struct/classes, methods, properties must start with the a capital letter.
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Updating the struct like you suggested fixed my issue, but Visual Studio says that DataGridViewComboBoxColum does not contain a definition for DisplayProperty (Haris Hasan must have deleted his post, I cannot find it.) Also I cannot get the value of each row for that column (which is currently 0) to populate "None" as the pre-select item. I'm new to c#. –  atwellpub Jan 4 '12 at 21:06
@atwellpub: Of course, sorry I made a mistake: I had written "DisplayProperty member" instead of "DisplayMember property" (so the correct name is DisplayMember). Now is fixed. –  digEmAll Jan 4 '12 at 22:30
@atwellpub: about your second problem... Have you already added some rows to the datagrid? If so, just loop over the collection: foreach(DataGridViewRow row in jobs_datagrid.Rows) and set the value doing: row.Cells[yourComboColumnIndex].Value = "0"; –  digEmAll Jan 4 '12 at 22:35
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