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Pagination link not working on expression engine exp:search results.Page does not display the new result when pagination link is clicked.

 {exp:search:total_results}</b>Result(s) for <b>{exp:search:keywords} 
      {exp:search:search_results entry_id={entry_id}  
        switch="#000000|#003300"  status="Open" 
        dynamic="off"  orderby="date" sort="desc"} 

    {exp:search:search_results switch="resultRowOne|resultRowTwo" paginate="bottom"    limit="2"}

        <?php $articlePath = "article";?>
        {related_entries id="article_feature"}

          {if title == "Bay Blog"}<?php $articlePath = "blog";?>  

          <b><a href="{title_permalink="/blog/"}">{title}</a></b> from <em>{related_entries id="article_feature"}{title} {/related_entries}</em><br/>

          <b><a href="{title_permalink="/article/"}">{title}</a></b> from <em>{related_entries id="article_feature"}{title} {/related_entries}</em><br/>

          {exp:trunchtml chars="250" inline="..."}
           {related_entries id="article_issue"}
            <a href="/issue/{entry_id}"> [ {title}] </a> {/related_entries}
          {if no_results}
            Sorry!, Search result found!
        <div class='paginate'>
            <span class='pagecount'>{page_count}</span>&nbsp;
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When returning search results, use the auto_path variable when building your URLs:

<a href="{auto_path}">{title}</a>

Unlike other path variables, this variable does not require the Template Group and Template Name to be specified.

Instead, the path will automatically be determined by the Search Results URL setting for the channel in Channel Management.

Admin > Channel Administration > Channels > Preferences:

General Channel Preferences

If you're using ExpressionEngine's Pages Module or Structure to create static pages, the following use case may be of help to you as well:

{if page_url == ""}
    // If the Search Result is a Dynamic Page
    <a href="{auto_path}">{title}</a>

{if page_url != ""}
    // If the Search Result is a Static Page
    <a href="{page_url}">{title}</a>

You can also test to see what channel the search result is being fetched from and act on it conditionally:

{if channel_name == "about"}
    <a href="{page_url}">{title}</a>
    <a href="{auto_path}">{title}</a>
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Got it work by clearing the cache setting and by synchronizing the templates on the expression engine side. – user1123399 Jan 5 '12 at 20:49

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