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I want to change the value of data-confirm attribute on a button (submit) based on user's choices on a form. I put the following on the change function of a dropdown list:

    if($("#"+select_name).val() == "abc")
         $(".variable_button").attr("data-confirm","abc is good choice!");

     } else
         $(".variable_button").attr("data-confirm","abc would have been great but this is fine too...");

The problem I am facing is that apparently data-confirm cannot be changed once it is assigned a non-empty string. I have it set to "" in the server code. And, it changes to one of the two messages shown above when the user first makes a selection on the dropdownlist. But if the user changes the selection one more time, the data-confirm message does not change. Is this per design or am I missing something?

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The data-confirm attributes are just custom data- attributes that you're using to store the message, correct? –  Josh Earl Jan 4 '12 at 21:09
Josh - yes, that is correct. –  Tabrez Jan 4 '12 at 21:24

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Don't use .attr(), use .data():

var newData = ($("#"+select_name).val() == "abc")
    ? "abc is good choice!"
    : "abc would have been great but this is fine too...";

$(".variable_button").data("confirm", newData);
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This is cleaner than using .attr(), but both should work. –  Josh Earl Jan 4 '12 at 21:25
Thanks Matt! Josh - I am not sure why .attr() did not work. But I tried it both ways and the .data() method worked without any issues. With the .attr() method I was only able to change the value from empty string to something (once) and no further changes worked. –  Tabrez Jan 5 '12 at 7:41

jQuery does allow you to update a data- attribute with the .attr() method, so something else is breaking.

Here's a working example (JSFiddle):

var counter = 1;

$('#click').click(function() {
    button = $('#click');
    button.attr('data-confirm', 'this is test ' + counter);

Can you try to repo the issue in a JSFiddle?

On rereading your question, it sounds like an event handler isn't firing the second time the user changes the selection. See if you can set a breakpoint in your event handler to see if it even gets hit.

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