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I'm not familiar at all with working with 3D, but I need to make a C# application that uses 3D object (just to view them). I think that it would be easiest to make 3D model in Google SketchUp. But I don't how to use .skp files in C#. And could also someone recommend me some resources how to use C# to manipulate with 3D objects.

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You might be lucky:


However, that will lead you to more trouble with Microsoft XNA, and then you'll probably investigate other 3D rendering methods, and that might lead you to


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I may be heading you in a wrong direction but as far as I know Microsoft Expression Blend handles WPF and 3d objects. Hope that was helpful to you.

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There is a lot of stuff you can or may want to do. So the question is vague enough. Just to give a hints.

You should look if you want to look into Vector Graphics 3D models, like for example IGES which used in CAD mechanical manufacturing, or you can look on models created from the mash, like for example STL files, mainly used in scanners as recover a cloud of points a construct from it a sequence of triangles.

There are also a plenty other solutions and types.

Just a couple of coding useful links you may be interested in:

And another couple of applications you may be interested to look at:

  • Rhino. Great 3D modeling program, with free version, that is limited on count of saves you may execute (arround 20) Excelent for working with vectorial and mashes.
  • FreeCAD. Good for mechanical manufacturing and it's free.
  • Magics. Good for working with STL files. There is a free version too.
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