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I'm wondering if there is a command or plugin for eclipse that will take a header file of mine and auto-generate all of the method stubs into the CPP file from that header? I've googled and the lack of results would say not so, yet I can see in the CDT preferences under templates that there is an option to enable stub generation... but cannot find the command to use it. Thanks!

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Okay so, after doing some more searching I found the solution myself. In the header file, right click in white space and select "Implement Method" and a window will appear showing a list of method declarations within the header. You can select some or all, then click "Finish" and be done with it or "Next" to follow the rest of the guided wizard process.

I've noticed at times when using this that the formatting of the generated stubs can be screwed up, or can screw up the formatting of your existing CPP file. If that does happen, just right click within the CPP file white space, click "Source" and select "Format" to correct the issue.

Another Edit

For some reason after all this time, there's been a bunch of activity of people trying to edit my answer to change it completely. All the edit is trying to communicate is that there is apparently a CTRL+3 shortcut to bring up the implement methods window.

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Before use this method, ensure there is the same name source file with header already exist, otherwise an inline version implementation will be created in the header. –  alijandro Jan 19 at 2:22
@alijandro thanks for the info. Good to know. –  Technik Empire Jan 19 at 3:31

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