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We have service environment comprising of about 16 servers. Each environment - namely development, test and production has its own 16 servers. We are considering a platform upgrade on these servers that would require rebuild and redeploy of each services. No code change, but all the services would require a rebuild. The situation sounds straight forward. However we have continuous bug fixes and new releases occurring through out these environments ( from dev to test to prod ) - this process can not be disrupted for a long time. That means it is nearly impossible to have a "code-freeze" scenario. So we might have situations where dev and test is at say, version N and production is at N-1 which would not be acceptable.

The upgraded software platform can be installed in parallel to existing version on the same server. Given that, what are the alternatives to perform this plat form upgrade?

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if you've resolved this to your satisfaction, consider writing up the answer. ELSE note the low count of followers for each tag that you have included. You might want to find a tag for your base lang/OS/?? that has a higher number of followers. Finally, this is the sort of thing that (in the banking industry anyway), that top management frets about as approx 1/4 of their time spent, and ultimately vendor and other high-paid consultants are brought in to 'bless' the idea of a code freeze. Good luck! – shellter Apr 4 '12 at 17:43
@shellter - thanks for your comment. I might even close this question as I will push for a code-freeze my self. in our organization, things are still so nascent that a code freeze + upgrade is not possible in any near time. – ring bearer Apr 4 '12 at 18:07
Have you considered a "rolling update", where you update N servers (out of the 16), verify they work fine (while in the meantime the 16-N servers are still running the "old" version), and only then move to the next N servers? Could be helpful to see how the "big guys" do this (Amazon in this case):… – benzaita Jan 1 at 19:17

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