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I followed the guide on android.com and compiled the source code. Now it runs well in the emulator. There are some .img files so I think it may be viable to flash them on real devices.

But I see on the guide there is a 4th step, which is to compile some device-specific proprietary files. But my device is not on their list. So what extra work needs to be done if I want to flash the .img files to real devices rather than the emulator? Will the real devices get bricked? Thanks.

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@thinksteep - I think OP is talking about compiling the Android system, not an app. –  Ted Hopp Jan 4 '12 at 23:00

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well -- that is the "difficult" part of making a custom ROM for a device. You need to have a complex understanding of the particular hardware that you're building for, and adjust and update the codebase accordingly.

That said -- a real device will (probably) not get bricked, but you will need to use the recovery image to put a working ROM back on to use the device again. Make sure you have a rooted device and a decent recovery on it (Clockworkmod)

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