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The below is my code ...

var textField = Ti.UI.createTextField({
  left: 20,
  width: 280,
  height: 40,
  top: 20,
  keyboardType: Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_NUMBER_PAD,


var button = Ti.UI.createButton({
 left: 200,
 width: 100,
 height: 40,
 top: 70


button.addEventListener('click', function(){

When I click on the button, the NUMPAD Keyboard is still there, it doesn't go away, anyone know why?

Need Advice. Thanks!

Sorry for posting -> problem solved

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Don't forget post the answer, it might be useful for someone else ;) – NoOne Jan 5 '12 at 13:07

2 Answers 2

I copy pasted this code and its working fine.. On button click NUMPAD keyboard is not visible any more..

try cleaning you project and then build it ..

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missing this in your textfield "returnKeyType : Ti.UI.RETURNKEY_DONE,"

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