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I want my application to work on all non-tablets atleast. I am tempteded to change android:anyDensity=false; and have the support screens all to false except normal. But I wont be able to reach everyone's phone. Is this a big deal? Is this the best practice (below)

My main concern is that my application will have objects bigger than the screen size.

Important Note : I am developing my application in Unity3D. (Don't hate I grew up on Eclipse like the rest of you guys for 2 yrs on the android SDK)

<supports-screens android:smallScreens="true" android:normalScreens="true" android:largeScreens="true" android:xlargeScreens="true" android:anyDensity="true" />
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From that chart you can see that targeting normal-mdpi and normal-hpdi will cover almost 90% of the devices on the market; the outliers are likely to be quite old or obscure.

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