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Just some resources to help to help me find a solution :)

  1. Fully functioning Chromeless player lacking only ui slider synchronisation with video current time :
  2. jquery UI slider documentation
  3. tikku chromless player plugins documentation

The problem I am having is setting the jquery slider value to the current time in seconds and keep in sync with the current time i have tried:

  var seektime = $("#youtube-player-container").tubeplayer("data").currentTime;
                $( "#slider" ).slider( "option", "value", seektime );

ALTHOUGH i have already figured how to seek to a time in the video using the slider the jquery is very long and messy soo i reccomend viewing it on jsfiddle for a clearer understanding but here it is any way

    width: 600,
    height: 450,
    showControls: 0,
    allowFullScreen: "true", 
    modestbranding: false,
    initialVideo: "Y70rcfQEK7U",
    preferredQuality: "default",
    onPlay: function(id){$(".play").hide();}, 
    onPause: function(){$(".pause").hide();$(".play").show();},
    onStop: function(){$(".pause").hide();$(".play").show();},
    onSeek: function(time){},
    onMute: function(){$(".mute").hide();$(".unmute").show();},
    onUnMute: function(){$(".unmute").hide();$(".mute").show();},
    onPlayerUnstarted: function(){},
    onPlayerPlaying: function(){$(".play").hide();$(".pause").show();},
    onPlayerBuffering: function(){$(".pause").show();}

        function getYouTubeInfo() {
                        url: "",
                        dataType: "json",
                        success: function (data) {parseresults(data)}

        function parseresults(result) {
                var vidlength =;   

            $(function() {
        $( "#slider" ).slider({ max: vidlength });
 $( "#slider" ).bind( "slidechange", function(event, ui) {
  var viseekto = $('#slider').slider('value');
       .tubeplayer("seek", viseekto);
  var seektime = $("#youtube-player-container").tubeplayer("data").currentTime;
                $( "#slider" ).slider( "option", "value", seektime );

$(document).ready(function () {
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Im looking at the exact same solution as you are building here.

Thank you for the slider function!

I've finished the script by doing this:

$( "#slider" ).slider({ 
    max: $("#video").tubeplayer("data").duration,
    stop: function(event, ui) {
        var viseekto = $('#slider').slider('value');
        jQuery("#video").tubeplayer("seek", viseekto);
window.setInterval(function() {
    var seektime = $("#video").tubeplayer("data").currentTime;
    $( "#slider" ).slider( "option", "value", seektime );
}, 1000);

Hope it helps!

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