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while using tiles along with spring i m getting following error:

program runs fine when internet connection remains 'on' otherwise it shows above error.

can anyone provides me any hint???


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the problem was occurring due to very silly mistake that i missed the "space" between "Apache Software Foundation" in :

<!DOCTYPE tiles-definitions PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Tiles Configuration 2.1//EN" "">
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In my case, this happens because of version mismatch of dtd. Here is the thing,

<!DOCTYPE tiles-definitions PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Tiles Configuration 2.1//EN" "">

If we see the DOCTYPE there is a version "2.1" ("//DTD Tiles Configuration 2.1//EN") and the dtd should also be the same like "tiles-config_2_1.dtd". If the version is 3.1 ("//DTD Tiles Configuration 3.1//EN") and the dtd is "tiles-config_3_1.dtd".

I modified the version and its start working.

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