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I'm attempting to build a currency converter function in PHP.

I have all my rates cached in a JSON file. (https://raw.github.com/currencybot/open-exchange-rates/master/latest.json)

My script takes GET values from the URL like so:


I've accessed the rates from those values like so:

    $string = file_get_contents("cache/latest.json");
    $jsonRates = json_decode($string, true);

    foreach ($jsonRates as $rates => $rate) {
        $fromRate = $rate[$from];
        $toRate = $rate[$to];

Now I'm stuck. I have everything I need, I just have no idea what to do with it. How do I convert the $amnt variable from USD to GBP in this particular scenario.


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You're looking for something like this, but this only works FROM USD.

    $string = file_get_contents("cache/latest.json");
    $jsonRates = json_decode($string, true);

    foreach ($jsonRates["rates"] as $currency => $rate) {
        if($currency==$_GET["to"]) {
            echo $_GET["amnt"] * $rate;

Try this to do all conversions:

echo number_format(($_GET["amnt"]/$jsonRates["rates"][$_GET["from"]])*$jsonRates["rates"][$_GET["to"]],3);
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Works a charm. I had no idea it would be as simple as one line of code using one php function. Thanks a lot! –  tctc91 Jan 5 '12 at 0:34

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